Engineering Studio

To meet the expectations of our customers, we have established an engineering department to take up the challenges of responsive design.  

The very first designs and requirements

Very often we are confronted with a design that has a form of preliminary sketch or assumptions only. Based on our long-term experience in manufacturing of composites and accessories, we are able to adapt the requirements to properties and technologies that we provide. We help our customers to turn their ideas and plans into a responsive design taking into account all properties and advantages of composite materials.

3D Design, changes and amendments

Based on 3D design software our customers can have a spatial view of their design allowing for any obstacles to be eliminated and any changes to be implemented at an early stage so as to verify the final design against shape and strength assumptions.

A 3D design may be used several times: it may be used in development of similar serial parts and it allows for easy modification of shape and functionality of composite part.

Approval and beginning of work on the model

Once the final design is approved we start CAM so as to prepare the model or a negative mould. From now on, works move from the engineering department to production hall. Learn more about our offer and fabrication of models and forms using CNC process.

Get to know the entire manufacturing process of composites

1. From the very first to final design at engineering department
2. From 3D digital design to a real model in CNC machining centre.
3. Mould fabrication in a mould room
4. Production of readymade parts