CONDUCORE® is our proprietary and patented technology.

The idea was to develop a technology allowing for manufacturing of composite parts using LRTM method with the intention to meet Ex marking standards and requirements or ESD protection requirements.

CONDUCORE® combines benefits of conductive composite materials, cleanness of the workspace and ease of manufacturing using LRTM technology.

The most difficult task was to prepare reinforcement materials allowing electric charges to flow through easily, without increasing the costs of fibres (reinforcement).

We use conductive gel-coats, standard structural resins or flame-retardant compounds, as well as customized reinforcements.

We are able to manufacture composite parts for different applications, such as:

- explosion hazard zones (Ex): R ≤ 106 Ω

- ESD protection: 10Ω < R < 1012 

- electrical insulation: R ≥ 1012


Conducore® technology can be applied:

  • wherever it is necessary to drain electric charges away from explosion hazard zones (Ex) (ATEX requirements);
  • in EPA (electrostatic protected areas) areas preventing chargé build-up on working surfaces;