Equipment of Uniwersal Company

MASTERMODEL Sp. z o.o. is an authorized vendor of ventilation equipment manufactured by UNIWERSAL Sp. z o.o. company in Katowice.

UNIWERSAL Sp. z o.o. Manufacturing Company in Katowice was established in 1998. The company has been manufacturing and selling roof fans. A long-term partnership between our companies has resulted in high quality and unbeatable performance of wind-driven roof ventilators and roof fans manufactured by our companies.

The offer of UNIWERSAL Company includes:

  • Roof fans, duct fans and wall mount fans;
  • Ventilation caps;
  • Integrated wind-driven ventilators;
  • Roof bases, sound insulation bases;
  • Ventilation accessories;
  • Control & Automatics;

Fans are manufactured in the following series:

  • standard;
  • acid resistant;
  • explosion-proof;
  • heat resistant (VE);

Each fan, ventilator or any element of additional equipment undergoes all stages of development- from the prototype, through necessary certification and technical approvals to the deployment of the end product.

For several years we have been focusing on the development and deployment of hybrid ventilation products. Our innovative solutions have been applied in hybrid fans such as Fenko, MAG, Fen and in Monsun type hybrid ventilators.

With zero tolerance for stagnation and going on the beaten tracks, UNIWERSAL supported by our company, is constantly involved in designing and modelling of new fans to meet the needs of our demanding market. Providing technical facilities to prepare any prototypes and test parts as well as our vast experience, we are able to create projects that will result in sound, durable and faultless fans and wind-driven ventilators.

Our main objective is to provide top quality and durable products that will be aesthetically integrated into industrial and residential facilities.

All of our appliances are based on the company’s proprietary designs that have gone through all stages of development – from prototyping, through testing to the deployment of the end product.

Krzysztof Nowak, Vice CEO

The main structural material used by UNIWERSAL is polyester/glass fibre laminate, thus their products exhibit high durability and long-term resistance to weather conditions. Pigmentation of resins allows for colours that are long-lasting, do not bleak, and are resistant to corrosive impact of the atmosphere or exhausts removed. 

It needs to be mentioned that both the investor and the designer can freely choose the colours for the appliances using the RAL colour palette. Therefore, it is possible to match the colour of the roof, the facade or corporate identity.

Design aesthetics is very important to us - our products are not only fully functional but also attractive, which is one of the reason why they are so popular among customers in Poland and abroad.


Currently, we manufacture several series of standard, acid-proof and explosion-proof fans for roof-mounted applications, and various models of gravitational ventilators.

If you are interested in products manufactured by UNIWERSAL, please contact us.