Model Room

It is a special and unique room. All important parts of our activities are performed there: sketches, meetings, modelling, mould construction, prototype creation, tests, modifications of the concept, setting directions, finding the best and most economic solutions, to end up with readymade technology and start-up of production. It all begins with the model room.

Our model room means, first of all, our team of experienced modelers who are able to construct any composite mould, from the smallest ones to LRTM moulds for large parts with an area of up to 2m2.

This is where models prepared by CNC machining centre are also delivered.

We are able to construct models, open moulds, closed moulds (RTM) and moulds for presses. We can assist the processes related to design, technology development, as well as selection of materials and raw materials.

Being familiar with mould fabrication processes and production of composite parts we have successfully developed a series of accessories required by LRTM technology; these accessories facilitate production process while ensuring efficient use of mould.

In the production process based on LRTM technology it is crucial to keep the mould airtight. Our sealing system comprises of all types of seals necessary to construct the mould and used in everyday production activities.


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