Conducore technology for Ex zone
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Conducore technology for Ex zone

Wykorzystanie technologii CONDUCORE w produkcji wentylatorów i wywietrzników „Ex”.

CONDUCORE technology in manufacturing of Ex-proof fans and ventilators.

According to ATEX standards and guidelines, equipment used in explosive areas have to be made of anti-static materials, i.e. it cannot build up (or generate) electric charges that might trigger flashover causing explosion of gases or liquids stored in the same room or in the surrounding area.

Anti-static materials are generally referred to as materials with modified composition and/or structure that inhibit triboelectric charging and/or increased electrical conductivity; anti-static material/product does not allow the build-up of electric charge when used. All conductive parts of the equipment should be earthed and should allow for efficient drainage of electrical charge using earthing technique. Earth resistance of conductive parts (non-metal ones) should be less than 106 Ω.

CONDUCORE is a proprietary and patented technology allowing for manufacturing of conductive composite parts, smooth on both sides, that may be used in Ex zones.

Apart from meeting performance requirements of conductive parts in Ex zones, we are able to obtain other desired properties, such as very good mechanical properties and excellent strength, various fire-resistance rating and the most complex shapes.

Excellent uniformity and smoothness of the surface prevents the build-up of dust and dirt, whereas anti-static properties ensure appropriate cleanness of the room.  

CONDUCORE technology allows for efficient manufacturing of ventilation system components, such as gravitational ventilators, elements of the circuit, rotors, and rotating units. Components manufactured by MASTERMODEL Sp. z o.o. are intended for ventilation equipment manufactured by UNIWERSAL Sp. z o.o. in Katowice.

DAExC series roof fans are intended for hazardous rooms and areas with explosive atmosphere, classified as [Zone 2]. The roof fans have been certified by the experimental Mine „BARBARA” – a notified body of the Central Mining Institute – Katowice: [Explosion group: IIA, IIB, IIC] [Temperature class: T1, T2, T3] Intended applications: acetylene plants, hydrogen plants, underground mining lamp rooms, battery rooms, paint shops, dry cleaning shops, chemical warehouses, oil & grease warehouses, etc. Depending on the classification of hazardous locations and the operating conditions, DAExC series fans are manufactured in the following three options:  

- fans for operation in explosive gas atmospheres [ [G] [ZONE 2]].

- fans for operation in explosive dust atmospheres [ [D] [ZONE 2]].

- fans for operation in explosive gas atmospheres or dust atmospheres with speed control.

DAExC series fans are available in two special options:

- fans with increased resistance to chemical agents – [k]
- heat-resistant fans  – [VE].

Key structural components (housing, rotor) are made of antistatic glass fibre reinforced polyester composites and antistatic glass fibre reinforced vinyl ester composites.

Owing to antistatic glass-reinforced resin composites the structure exhibits high mechanical strength, resistance to weather conditions and chemical factors. 


Sites of compoSITES

Sites of compoSITES

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