Frekote 913-WB

FREKOTE Mould Release Agents

Frekote 913-WB

Description: Mould cleaner

Appearance: Clear liquid

Application Temperature: 20-40oC


  • Easy application
  • Prevents dust recontamination
  • Water-based
  • Non-flammable

Product Description:

Loctite Frekote 913WB™ is a water-based cleaner for molds made from epoxy, polyester, other plastics, glass and aluminium. It removes residues from other polishing liquids. Loctite Frekote 913WB™ leaves an antistatic, streak free mold surface after it was rubbed with a cloth and loaded with static electricity.


Apply Loctite Frekote 913WB™ by spraying onto the mold surface from the bottle. Distribute the applied amount of product with a clean, lint free disposable wipe. Let dry for approximately 10 seconds. Wipe-off with a dry paper tissue. For a defined surface rinse the mold with a solvent like Frekote® PMC™. The mold is now ready to be coated with a new release agent.


- Technical Data Sheet (TDS) file
- Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - please contact us
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