Frekote PMC 5l

FREKOTE Mould Release Agents

Frekote PMC 5l

Description: Mould cleaner

Appearance: Clear liquid

Application Temperature: 15-40oC


  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates contaminants
  • Enhances release effectiveness

Product Description:

Loctite® Frekote® PMC is a special blend of solvents that dissolves and removes wax from composite moulds without dulling the surface. Excellent for epoxy and metal mould surfaces as well as brushes and equipment.



Apply Loctite® Frekote® PMC to mould surfaces with a clean cotton cloth. Wax (or other surface contamination) will immediately begin to dissolve and should be removed from the surface with a second clean cloth while it is still dissolved in the PMC.


- Technical Data Sheet (TDS) file
- Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - please contact us
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